Common Ailments and Conditions That Call For Home Care Support


We all wish good health for our loved ones. However, someone will get ill at home from time to time. With the increasing cost of living, and more specifically healthcare, most people have started to appreciate the merits of home-based care. For example, the approach is highly personalized, cost effective, and convenient for the patient.

However, not every ailment can be managed from home. For example, dialysis cannot be administered from home. The procedure requires complex infrastructure that cannot be installed for mobile use. On the other hand, there are ailments that are easily manageable from home. 

Asthma -- This disease is either acquired or inherited. Medical experts do not classify it as a disease, but an allergy. Nonetheless, the condition can be managed from home effectively. For example, when one has an asthmatic attack, he or she can use an aerosol medication or inhaler. Most patients respond positively to an inhaler. However, in some cases, patients require an injection or a lung decongestant procedure using an instrument called a nebulizer. In all cases, a patient can be managed from home by a qualified health worker.  

Stroke -- In unfortunate circumstances, a family member could succumb to a stroke. Whether partial or full-blown, the condition requires a lot of specialized care. For example, a patient could develop post-stroke complications like skin irritation, bowel challenges, or wasted muscles. However, most of these conditions can be managed effectively from home. If the patient has skin irritation, loved ones or a qualified health care worker can massage or change the sleeping positions of the patient. Overall, healthcare service provision can be done from home effectively.

HIV/AIDS -- This ailment can also be managed from home as well. The condition of someone suffering from the disease is directly related to the quality of healthcare. For instance, HIV/AIDS patients required good nutritional balance in order to boost immunity. A nutritionist can be engaged in this case to assist the patient from home. Most complications that arise from the ailment can also be managed from home, for example, depression.

Diabetes -- Diabetes also fall within the category of ailments that can be managed from home. The condition of a patient is highly dependent on nutrition and insulin. The latter can be administered from home through a vaccine. Nutritional support can also be done via home-based consultancy sessions and training. Screening for diabetes can be done from home as well.  


23 February 2017

How Seeing a Doctor Could Save Your Life

Hello there! Welcome to my blog. I would like to start by telling you a story about something that happened to me many years ago. I was working in Sydney at the time as an investment banker. The hours were long and I would party every weekend to de-stress. I put on a lot of weight and began to have problems sleeping. I didn't pay much attention to the problems, as I thought I was invincible. However, one day I collapsed at work. At the hospital the doctors saved my life. Since then, I have become very interested in health and medical matters.