Remedial Massage: Ways It Is Beneficial To Weightlifters


Weightlifting is one of the most arduous exercises that one can engage in. In addition to joint aches and pains that come about due to the constant lifting of heavy loads, weightlifters are also prone to damage to their soft tissue due to high impact. If not attended to, the soreness and the pain can become overwhelming and event interfere with your weight training. Rather than resort to constantly being on pain medication, you may want to consider an all-natural way of alleviating these aches that come with weight lifting. One of the options that you could consider is remedial massage therapy. So what are the ways that remedial massage therapy would be beneficial to weightlifters?

Remedial massage therapy will improve blood circulation

One of the motions used during remedial massage therapy is long strokes. This stroking method functions to facilitate the flow of fluid through your circulatory system. When the masseuse is massaging you, pressure begins to build at the beginning of their stroke. As the pressure increases, suction happens at the tail end of the stroke. Therefore, as the masseuse employs long strokes on your body, your entire circulatory system is stimulated leading to increased blood flow. The oxygen in the fresh blood supply then works to eliminate toxins in your system while enhancing the repair and restoration of damaged muscles.

Routine deep massages help in expanding the pores in the body's fibrous tissues, which facilitates the increase in the flow of nutrients as well as fluid through the soft tissue. Overall, engaging in remedial massages on a regular basis will ensure that your circulatory system stays in good health.

Remedial massage therapy will decrease muscle tension

Another reason why weight lifters would benefit from routine remedial massages is that this can help in the reduction of muscle tension. During the massage therapy, the masseuse will stretch the tissue in your muscles both sideways as well as lengthwise. This stretching of the fibrous tissue allows for improved circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients into your strained muscles. With regular remedial massage, your muscles also get the chance to heal faster, which decreases the chances of you injuring yourself due to strained and sore muscles.

Remedial massage therapy aids in pain reduction

If you are in chronic pain, chances are you will not have the willpower to engage in your weightlifting exercises. This, in turn, can severely decrease your performance over time. If you are looking for a natural way to alleviate this pain, you should consider remedial massage therapy. The treatment causes endorphins to be released by your body, which is its natural pain relievers.


27 February 2017

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