Modern Technology Features in Hearing Aids


Hearing aids are becoming a common and essential health-related tool around the country. With one in 6 Australians having a hearing impairment (and the number is expected to double by 2050), the use of hearing aids will continue to increase.

Thanks to advancements in technology, hearing aids are no longer large and bulky products that only your grandparents would wear. Newer designs are available in the market to provide a more comfortable fit, an affordable price and increased functionality. Some of these new features of hearing aids are highlighted in this article.

1. Bluetooth integration

Perhaps the most popular technology being used in hearing aids is the integration of Bluetooth signals. This functionality has enabled hearing aids to connect wirelessly with smartphones, TVs, home theatre systems and other electronic devices.

Thanks to the Bluetooth signal, users can now answer calls, listen to music and issue voice commands to their smartphones without holding the device near their ears. New smartphone applications have also been developed to enable users to adjust the volume and other settings of their hearing aids directly from their phones.

2. Durable and interactive batteries

A major issue with old hearing aids is that their batteries performed with mixed results. It wasn't uncommon for batteries to suddenly become faulty, lose power, and cause users to become stranded at the most inconveniencing times.

Newer hearing aid batteries are designed for extended battery life, fast charging, and more durable operation. They also give warning signs when the battery life is low, similar to what you would expect from your smartphone.

3. Noise cancellation

Modern hearings aids are also able to automatically adapt to your current environment and noise levels. You can set the device to filter out annoying background noises that may cause ringing in your ears.

In this way, you no longer have to strain when listening to your partner at a restaurant (or when talking on the phone as you walk down the street).

4. More flexible stylistic designs

Hearing aids now come in many different shapes and sizes. To provide a more comfortable fit, hearing aids come as behind the ear (BTE) or in the ear (ITE).

BTE devices clog the ear much less and are designed for comfort. On the other hand, ITE devices fit wholly inside the ear and are designed to be more discreet. You have the choice to work with whichever style best suits your preferences.


5 September 2018

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