Top Signs That You Need a Relationship Counsellor


Conflicts between two people in a relationship are common. When such misunderstandings become hard to resolve, the couple may opt to engage the services of a relationship counsellor. The relationship counselling process aims to provide a safe space for couples to work out their problems. Below are a few signs that you and your partner need relationship counselling

You no longer trust each other.

One of the main reasons why couples lose trust in each other is infidelity. Or one of the partners may feel insecure due to drastic changes in the direction of the relationship. Once you lose trust in your partner, it becomes difficult to believe what he or she tells you. A relationship counsellor will employ various strategies to help rebuild trust in the relationship.

There is a lack of affection. 

Intimacy and affection are a critical component of any relationship. Top reasons why you may experience reduced levels of intimacy include if you are living separate lives, if one partner withholds sex as a form of punishment or if you are growing out of love. If you find it hard to cope with such issues, you may opt for marriage counselling as a way to help save your relationship. 

You are contemplating divorce. 

Have you or your partner contemplated divorce? Many couples explore marriage counselling as a way of trying to mend things. It is also one of the requirements of being granted a divorce in some states. For example, in Australia, couples that are married for less than two years need some form of counselling before the court can grant them divorce. It is important for couples to remember that a divorce may be more difficult than living together. Apart from having to divide up your wealth, you will also deny your children the advantages of growing up with both parents. 

You have poor communication. 

Does your partner listen to you? Are you able to communicate your feelings with him or her? Poor communication can strain a relationship to the point that breaking up seems like the only option. If you face such problems with your partner, then you can meet with a relationship counsellor to help improve your communication. 

You have frequent arguments. 

Frequent arguments are a sign of an unhealthy relationship. This is especially so when you find yourselves fighting over petty issues. Dysfunctional reactions such as shutting down or being vengeful should also be a cause for worry. These are signs that you need a relationship counsellor. 

The main signs that a couple needs relationship counselling are loss of trust and affection, frequent arguments, poor communication and divorce. 


26 December 2018

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