Factors to Consider When Opening a Youth Sexual Health Clinic

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The nursing profession is one that many would consider 'a calling'. Therefore, if you were a nurse looking to start a sexual health clinic, especially for the youth, you would need a few pointers on how to make the clinic friendly to the youth. This is especially true if you have not dealt with youth cases in the past. For instance, the clinic needs to be as comfortable as possible to attract clientele. This article provides useful pointers to help you attract young people to your sexual health clinic.

Distance From Homes -- Since the youth are still maturing, the last thing they want to happen is to run into a family member, friend, or neighbor as they go to or come from a sexual health clinic. On the other hand, young people might stay away from your clinic if it is too far from their residence. Therefore, you do not want to set up the clinic too near or too far away from residential areas. The right distance will create a sense of privacy and consequently encourage the youth to make regular visits to your clinic.

Decor -- Interior decor is one sure aspect that dictates comfort. If the interior decor of the clinic is not appealing, there is every chance that the number of youth visiting will be very low. However, you do not just want to focus on generic aesthetics; you want the interior decor to appeal to the youth and not just any other age set. If it is too welcoming to a different clientele apart from the young people, the clinic will lose its identity as a youth sexual health clinic. Therefore, make the decor youth friendly, for instance, by using trendy colors for wall painting or using wallpapers with different patterns and image of role celebrity personalities.

Waiting Area -- The waiting area of a youth sexual health clinic should not be like any other waiting area. You want to encourage interactions among the youth when they visit your clinic, and as such, you should create an environment that provides the same. As they wait to be attended to, youth need a way to occupy their minds so that their visit does not seem strange, especially if it is someone's first visit. For instance, one way you can achieve this is by providing many magazines, both educational and entertaining. Such material will spark conversations and keep your clientele engaged.

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23 February 2017

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