Three Options For Fertility Treatment That You Should Consider

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Having a child is one of the great joys of life that millions of Australians centre their whole future around. Unfortunately for some natural restrictions have stopped them from being able to conceive children, and it can be devastating to receive this news. However, thanks to modern medicine, there are now a number of different fertility treatment options that can solve almost all problems relating to people struggling to get pregnant. If you are considering fertility treatment, here are three options you simply must read up on to find out if they are for you.

Ovulation Induction

Sometimes our bodies just do not want to cooperate and produce low levels of hormones that are necessary for pregnancy to occur. For women, this can negatively affect the production of eggs, which used to be an impossible barrier to overcome. Today, there are several different medications you can take that stimulate the growth of eggs, which have been very effective in helping millions of women across the world have children. All you have to do is take the medication during the start of your monthly cycle and time any sex or artificial insemination so that it coincides with when the medication will be at its most effective point. 

Endometriosis Surgery

Surgery will only be recommended after multiple check-ups with your doctor and a full examination of your body, but when it is necessary, it can be a very effective method of fertility treatment. In the case of endometriosis, naturally occurring cells can grow in places they shouldn't, which in turn blocks the normal paths for eggs and semen to cross. A simple surgical procedure known as laparoscopy can be done to remove any endometriosis growth, and often that is all it takes. This procedure does not negatively affect any aspect of pregnancy, and often, the results are close to immediate. You can begin trying to conceive shortly after. 

Frozen Embryo 

IVF treatment is a very popular form of fertility treatment, and it can create more than one embryo at a time. Obviously, you only need one at a time, so the others are "frozen" and kept in storage. These frozen embryos can be used in the future if the first IVF treatment fails, and there are many benefits to this. By using a frozen embryo, you don't have to undergo the rest of the rigmarole involved with IVF treatment, making it a much smoother process. This is only available to those who have already tried IVF treatment, but it is a great backup option. Make sure to check if you had any embryos frozen after your last treatment. 

To learn more about fertility treatments, contact a gynaecologist in your area.


12 December 2019

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Hello there! Welcome to my blog. I would like to start by telling you a story about something that happened to me many years ago. I was working in Sydney at the time as an investment banker. The hours were long and I would party every weekend to de-stress. I put on a lot of weight and began to have problems sleeping. I didn't pay much attention to the problems, as I thought I was invincible. However, one day I collapsed at work. At the hospital the doctors saved my life. Since then, I have become very interested in health and medical matters.