Effective Postpartum Back Pain Relieving Therapies

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Sadly, the excitement of having a baby is often short-lived for new mothers who have to deal with postpartum back pain. Although the condition is a common issue for new mothers, most parents suffer in silence. Instead, mothers focus all their energy on taking care of their newborn while putting their comfort on the backburner. If you do not address the issue, your quality of life will be affected. Luckily, post-delivery therapies can alleviate your back pain and give you renewed energy to take care of your baby. This write-up explores effective postpartum back pain-relieving therapies. 

1. Warm Baths

One of the main reasons why mother experience back pain after delivery is that the back muscles — particularly on the lower back — remain strained and tight. If you take a cold shower, the muscles will constrict, intensifying the pain. On the other hand, taking a warm bath does the opposite because the water muscles making them supple and easy to stretch. The best strategy entails soaking your body in lukewarm water for a couple of minutes. Warm water therapy allows you to benefit both physically and psychologically.

2. Pelvic Exercises

You might wonder how your pelvis relates to back pain. According to physiotherapists, about 30% of postpartum back pains are partly caused by the dysfunction of tissues attached to the pelvis. The reason is that pelvic muscles loosen and become sore after delivery, and the discomfort is transferred to the lower back. Pelvic exercises can help to alleviate the pain with the most effective one being pelvic tilts. Yoga is also excellent for relieving lower back pain, and most new mothers prefer it to other forms of exercise. However, it is crucial to seek a physician's clearance before taking part in any post-delivery physical exercise.

3. Massage Therapy

Nothing beats the effects of a good massage in easing lower back pain after delivery. As mentioned earlier, one of the primary causes of postpartum lower back pain is tight muscles. Therefore, massaging your entire back encourages blood to flow to the sore sections, which helps to repair damaged muscles. The best part is that your partner can easily perform the massage from the comfort of your home. However, if your back pain becomes severe, seek the services of a professional massage therapist immediately.    

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9 October 2020

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