A Guide On Pediatric Physiotherapy

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Most people presume that physiotherapy is an intervention designed for adults with mobility issues. However, physiotherapy can also prove effective in kids who experience similar problems. The excerpt below discusses the paediatric physiotherapy concept. 

When Do Children Require Physiotherapy?

Children who experience development or sensory impairments could significantly benefit from physiotherapy. The therapy could also help children who suffer from the following: 

  • Sports injuries that cause fractures, sprains, strains, torn Achilles or dislocations.
  • Movement coordination and balance issues. For instance, your child could have trouble standing or walking.
  • Kids with poor posture. It could be caused by muscle tightness, osteoarthritis or pelvic tilt.
  • Children who experience joint and muscle pains. 

What Techniques Do Paediatric Use?   

Physiotherapists will use straightforward techniques such as joint mobilisation, manual therapy, massage, electrotherapy, Kinesio taping and range of motion exercises when dealing with adult patients. However, this is not the case when treating children. Physiotherapy is excruciating at times. Therefore, the therapist must employ softer and creative approaches when dealing with infants and kids. For instance, they could use games such as stomp on a pillow, bear walking or hunting for stickers to encourage the children to move the affected muscles or joints. Besides, they could incorporate fun mobility exercises such as yoga, dancing and swimming. 

Choosing A Paediatric Physiotherapist 

Experience should be your primary concern when looking for a paediatric physiotherapist. Examine the professional's experience by assessing client reviews across the various platforms. Besides, contact the physiotherapist and inquire if they have a specific speciality. For example, some professionals could deal with children below five years while others could specialise in young teens. 

Visit the physiotherapist's clinic to examine the techniques they apply and how they interact with their patients. In some cases, the paediatric physiotherapists will conduct the physio sessions with a group of kids. It is a sure way to make the session fun. If this is the case, ensure that that the sessions have a reasonable number of patients. Remember, you want the therapist to spend maximum time with your child. 

What To Expect During Treatment

Once you take your child to the physiotherapist, they will start by conducting background checks to establish their condition. This initial diagnosis will help the therapist determine which muscles need strengthening and how to manage the pain that your child experiences. The professional will then draw a treatment plan detailing the techniques they will use and the expected results. They will use this plan to determine the success of the treatment. To learn more, contact a paediatric physiotherapist


17 August 2021

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