Effective Postpartum Back Pain Relieving Therapies

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Sadly, the excitement of having a baby is often short-lived for new mothers who have to deal with postpartum back pain. Although the condition is a common issue for new mothers, most parents suffer in silence. Instead, mothers focus all their energy on taking care of their newborn while putting their comfort on the backburner. If you do not address the issue, your quality of life will be affected. Luckily, post-delivery therapies can alleviate your back pain and give you renewed energy to take care of your baby.

9 October 2020

The Benefits of Sports Physiotherapy

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Sports have become an important culture in society. These activities have a high potential for injuries. Physiotherapy is all about prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries. A sports physiotherapist is involved with sports-related injuries and usually help sportspersons remain fit while leading a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the significant benefits of sports physiotherapy.  Prevention and Treatment of Injuries Sports physiotherapy is used for preventative and curative purposes. The practice reduces your chances of sustaining injuries while engaging in sports.

22 May 2020

What to Expect After a Deep Tissue Massage

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Your physiotherapist may have given you a range of exercises to help you get over an injury or manage your pain. However, you'll still see them regularly for in-clinic physiotherapy sessions. In some cases, they may use these sessions to target your pain, discomfort or injury in other ways. For example, they may want to give you a deep tissue massage. How does this kind of massage therapy work, and how will you feel afterwards?

18 February 2020