Bad School Reports: Could Your Child's Vision Be the Cause?


If your child is always well-behaved and engaged at home, it can be a shock to receive school reports that claim they're the opposite in the classroom. If you can't believe the problems your little one's teacher is describing, you may not just be looking through rose-coloured glasses. Instead, it could be your child who needs the glasses. It may sound surprising, but vision problems are actually a major cause of numerous issues in the classroom.

17 October 2019

How To Help A Reluctant Child Wear Their Hearing Aids


Having a hearing aid can be hugely beneficial to a child, allowing them to communicate better, enjoy life more and learn more efficiently in school. However, they can be new and scary, and some children are very reluctant to use them. By following the three steps below, you can find out and deal with hearing aid reluctance. Figure Out The Root Of Their Reluctance Some children simply dislike wearing a hearing aid and will take time to adjust, but some have a reason for not wanting to wear their hearing aid.

31 August 2019

Slow and Steady: Your Expectations When Joining a Yoga Class for a Back Injury


It can seem like there are so many novelty variations on yoga these days. Whether it's yoga with goats, yoga with lemurs (yes, really), or yoga sessions set to heavy metal music, it can make a yoga novice wonder whatever happened to the idea of a straightforward, traditional yoga class. If it has been suggested that yoga might be of benefit to you after suffering a back injury, chances are that you'll want to steer clear of anything with a hint of novelty (even though it would be fun to play with baby goats).

24 May 2019

6 Features to Look for When Choosing a Retirement Community


Thinking about relocating to a retirement community? Wondering which amenities make these communities special? As you look for a new place to call home, you may want to look for the following features: Flexible Living Styles Depending on your long term goals, you may want to choose a retirement community that has flexible living styles. In particular, you may want a home with your own kitchen, but you may also want the option of having meals cooked by a professional, served in a common area with other seniors.

29 March 2019

First Aid: Responding to an Unconscious and Unresponsive Individual


Learning how to deliver first aid can be extremely useful. As well as giving you the skills to support people with minor injuries, a first aid HLTAID004 course can also help you to prove life-saving care if someone has suffered a serious injury. This article details everything you need to know about how to approach someone who is unconscious and unresponsive following an injury. Check for danger The first thing you need to do is check the area for signs of danger.

6 February 2019

Top Signs That You Need a Relationship Counsellor


Conflicts between two people in a relationship are common. When such misunderstandings become hard to resolve, the couple may opt to engage the services of a relationship counsellor. The relationship counselling process aims to provide a safe space for couples to work out their problems. Below are a few signs that you and your partner need relationship counselling.  You no longer trust each other. One of the main reasons why couples lose trust in each other is infidelity.

26 December 2018

Modern Technology Features in Hearing Aids


Hearing aids are becoming a common and essential health-related tool around the country. With one in 6 Australians having a hearing impairment (and the number is expected to double by 2050), the use of hearing aids will continue to increase. Thanks to advancements in technology, hearing aids are no longer large and bulky products that only your grandparents would wear. Newer designs are available in the market to provide a more comfortable fit, an affordable price and increased functionality.

5 September 2018

Taking It Easy After an Ankle Injury


Ankles are a very delicate part of the body. In fact, the story of Achilles (the namesake of the Achilles' heel) demonstrates that even someone who appears to be in incredibly strong and powerful can be felled by an injury to their ankle. If you are an athlete who has been affected by an ankle injury, here are some tips to help you regain your strength.  Ice and elevate As the ankle is low on the body, it is very prone to swelling and further damage if you attempt to stand and bear weight on the joint.

15 May 2017

Remedial Massage: Ways It Is Beneficial To Weightlifters


Weightlifting is one of the most arduous exercises that one can engage in. In addition to joint aches and pains that come about due to the constant lifting of heavy loads, weightlifters are also prone to damage to their soft tissue due to high impact. If not attended to, the soreness and the pain can become overwhelming and event interfere with your weight training. Rather than resort to constantly being on pain medication, you may want to consider an all-natural way of alleviating these aches that come with weight lifting.

27 February 2017

Common Ailments and Conditions That Call For Home Care Support


We all wish good health for our loved ones. However, someone will get ill at home from time to time. With the increasing cost of living, and more specifically healthcare, most people have started to appreciate the merits of home-based care. For example, the approach is highly personalized, cost effective, and convenient for the patient. However, not every ailment can be managed from home. For example, dialysis cannot be administered from home.

23 February 2017